Board Game - Fall of the F├╝hrer


For a final project in a course on game design, I worked with two others to produce a board game. We were assigned a World War II theme. We created a game that provides players the excitement of pursuit and evasion, in the manner of hide-and-seek. Strategic thinking and both cooperative and individualistic play styles can all find a rewarding experience.


Game Design


Fall 2011


Associate Producer


Description and Rules
Underlying Problem


The initial concept for this game rose from a larger brainstorming session meant to generate ideas for a card game, a board game, and a video game. Using a board drawn on notebook paper and coins as tokens, myself and a team member played a basic version of the game to feel out mechanics. This gave us a basic set of rules to start playtesting with, along with ideas for mechanics such as capturing cities and insight into concerns of the design of the underlying network of cities that formed the game board.